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Wow. I am SO over conflict it beggars belief...well, not that I know many people who seek it out, but....It's funny, because I'm quite good at dealing with it, especially when third party in the middle. I wonder if that's why I go out of my way to avoid confrontation. It's a shame...I'm sure my little world would be a better place (for me, of course) if I occasionally stepped up to bat. Maybe that's not worth the harm it would do to other people though...and I already have enough trouble getting honest opinions on ANYTHING. Unconscious intimidation...weird.
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Ah...long time no post. Too much has been happening. The boy gets his doctorate tomorrow night - yay, finally! VIolin kiddies are ticking over and I'm about to start Intermediate teacher deveopment - next Monday. That will be good. time to get excited about repertoire and philosophy again. Falling more in love with the idea of starting a baby group - next year, I think. That way can run some time of parent orientation this term and pack people off with cds and maybe even get them observing classes ahead of commencing classes next year. My budget would certainly like it. Ah, the crazee. Some time back at the ashram when this year is over will be good.
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In case you haven't seen it all over LJ like a rash these past few weeks, the Challenge:
- Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.
- See if anybody else responds with "I've done that." If they have, you need to add another!(2.b., 2.c., etc...)
- Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done

Ok, I think that last bit's negotiable.


Played violin to a fashion photographer in the crew rest area of a 747 en route Sydney - Tokyo.

Finished school and got accepted to uni before I turned 16 (goes with the homeschooling bit)

bought a house?

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Erk. Violin concert tomorrow. GREAT kirtan tonight though, and despite getting another concert cancellation ("It's her dad's birthday party" - yeah, and I bet THAT was booked from the start of this term. grump grump grump) I have decided it's going to be great. And I will CANE any of my teenagers who fail to play well...they've only had a month to prepare their (review) repertoire. It's going to be good. So..teaching, ballet, concert, drop in at a farewell while channelling Cyndi Lauper en route to the 70s/80s 50th birthday party we will be late to. Never mind. Can't do everything well all the time. and then yoga workhop on Sunday.
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Although the morning is set to be a rather routine one, you are going to have to be careful about how you interact with others simply because you may be overly sensitive and take things the wrong way. You have to watch that because it could cause a serious mistake or judgement call to be made (by you)! Be prepared to listen to what others have to say too.

Day 91 of cello challenge. One day I may even be able to play all of Book 3. For now I'm making my cello debut playing the solo from Evanescence's "Hello" for a churchy thing. Should be fun. The cello, not so much the church. Not that I have anything against church per se; it's just not my thing. That's ok. For now I seem to be on top of things. Wedding thank yous are out, I bought the pug a kennel, and the next five weekends are booked by birthday parties and yaga workshops. Weird. ANd maybe a little wonderful. Some days I think I'm learning to find beauty in the mundane. That's possibly the most underrated skill I know. And some days I really feel in touch with my inner bitch. Like attending our school reunion. Sigh. You really do STAY two/three years younger than everyone else.
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I'm going to start taking soundings on the idea of a mini festival - considering MM house or Benton Square community centre as venues. Not sure how it would go, but if I could get half my studio to participate that would be 18-19 kids and I think it's important to do it. Suzuki are never going to run anything closer and more affordable, so I'll damn well do it myself! May also be able to pick up some kids from Woodleigh, but I'll ring and confer before relying on that to boost numbers. If they're not playing a lot of Suzuki repertoire or playing from memory then I'd rather limit inclusion to my own students.

Cello is going well. Today is day 76 and I can play all of Book 1 and 2, and the first 3 pieces of Book 3 reasonably well and mostly without music. Of course I know most of the melodies already, but there are sneaky position shifts and I want to learn good habits and technique, so sometimes I have to check. My aim is to complete Book 3 by the end of the year...that's seven pieces (most of which I DON'T know the melody too, since they're not shared with violin repertoire) and about a month to master each. I think I can do it.
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At present I am adrift in a bleak winter.
My only ray of light is a small pugfaced dog.
She has conceived a grand passion for a particular towel.
I throw the towel and she capers. My, how she capers.
My spare time is greedily consumed by a manuscript requiring much red writing.
It's author and I lunched together today. I gave her poetry to read.
She wrote a poem and a half of her own.
I have 409 pages to go.
Tomorrow I will teach small children how to play a wonderous four stringed instrument.
Also how to save the world by tidying people's shoes.
And then I will cause them to remove their tap shoes if they're tapping while I'm speaking.
This may, I realise, cause some consternation. It will be worth it.
Now I will go and practice my own fourstringed instrument.
It will not save the world,
(unless I should happen to stumble across an atomic bomb which will destroy the world unless a cellist plays Scherzo into the microphone plugged into the ticking timer thingy )
but mastering Scherzo may take me to a higher realm of patience.
I am sure this will prove to be a useful skill.

P.S. My bed seems to have been plunged into the centre of the Arctic Circle.
Thus slumber is proving a little problematic.
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Right. ToDAY IS DAY 69! HOORAH!I finish (or should finish) on June 5th, just before half-year concert. I should probably play something, right? The Boy has gone to Germany for two weeks, so i now have a little more practice time, but the week looks a bit full. Bring on the weekend (she says on MONDAY). sigh. Oh well. Today my osteo said "Yes, you do hbave one leg about 2 cm longer than the other because your pelvis is twisted, causing THIS leg to drop and THIS leg feels more impacted because then, when you walk, it's REALLY taking the impact of each step. He also said I'll feel like I've been bashed with a phone book tomorrow. Yay. On the upside, VistaPrint sent me the business-cards-I-made-look-like-stave-flashcards today and it's so much faster to make notecard sets now. I'm going to order more so I can do key signatures as well. Then I'm going to go and make some more sets. 17 cards per....they're not the QUICKEST thing in the world.
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Bah. Sick of being sick already.
About Day 56 (I think) of cello. Can play all of Book 1 & 2, making a start on 3.
Wish I had MUCH more time.
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