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Although the morning is set to be a rather routine one, you are going…

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Although the morning is set to be a rather routine one, you are going to have to be careful about how you interact with others simply because you may be overly sensitive and take things the wrong way. You have to watch that because it could cause a serious mistake or judgement call to be made (by you)! Be prepared to listen to what others have to say too.

Day 91 of cello challenge. One day I may even be able to play all of Book 3. For now I'm making my cello debut playing the solo from Evanescence's "Hello" for a churchy thing. Should be fun. The cello, not so much the church. Not that I have anything against church per se; it's just not my thing. That's ok. For now I seem to be on top of things. Wedding thank yous are out, I bought the pug a kennel, and the next five weekends are booked by birthday parties and yaga workshops. Weird. ANd maybe a little wonderful. Some days I think I'm learning to find beauty in the mundane. That's possibly the most underrated skill I know. And some days I really feel in touch with my inner bitch. Like attending our school reunion. Sigh. You really do STAY two/three years younger than everyone else.
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On June 5th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC), shadow_5tails commented:
I don't know which of these is the more amusing: you playing Evanescence for your 'cello debut, or Evanescence bring played in a church (whatever was the occasion?). I am reminded of soirées and black lace a decade ago... *smile*

Wonderful makes the weird okay, and being in touch with one's bitchy side never struck me as a bad thing, as long as you could keep it under control.

I didn't know whether to bother with my school reunion - I was on a different continent at the time in the end, and I'm kinda glad the decision was made for me.
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On June 11th, 2008 11:54 pm (UTC), chelzigirl replied:
Well.... evanescence has never really been my THANG (do I even HAVE a thang???) but yes, a decade ago we were certainly having fun (:P) ..so the occasion was a sermon on legacies - the ones you get, the ones you leave, the way people interact with each other and their emotional baggage. It was a good sermon. The guy who delivered it was the guy who married us and he's very thoughtful. And accepting of our non-religious status. It went really well, even if he did look at me thoughtfully and say "You know, I think we should double that interluide. Can you do another sixteen bars?" Yeah, sure, I'll just whip it up in the next three minutes, heh heh heh. Seriously, it was fun.

The yoga workshop last week....really goo. Great, actually. And kirtan. The cool think about kirtan is being able to learn new stuff really quick, but not easily. So I can come home and find the melody on harmonium, beacuse I can sing it. But then singing and playing in tandem? Hmmm. That's a skill I'm certainly still developing.

I'm not sure whether going to the school reunion was a good thing or not. More of a meh thing. Could have done without it, went, no biggie. Not that I'd be invited to a Toorak reunion, but I certainly wouldn't bother going! (oops, there's that inner bitch again...) School hols in two weeks. Wanna nominate a day???
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On June 13th, 2008 10:09 am (UTC), shadow_5tails replied:
That's nifty - the world needs more good priests with open minds! And hurrah for having the skill to improvise on next-to-no notice. *grin*

Nominate a day, huh? If it's during the day, Thursdays are particularly good but anything can be made to work!
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