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Chelsea likes to sew & draw!!

Chelsea likes to use RLOS as an opportunity to taunt. Jack for missing the key signature and being a pain, as. well as an excuse to try to make Robert screw ...

Chelsea likes to grate cheese
(title of a youtube post)

Chelsea likes to be lazy and surround herself with pillows.

Chelsea likes to tease her and call her by her full name.

Chelsea likes to do a whole lot.

Chelsea likes to walk too fast for heels, but "Pretty Chelsea" doesn't mind taking her time.

Chelsea likes to sew, kayak, see plays, visit pet shops, play at the park, and devise fake movie plots with her friends.

Chelsea likes to visit after church on Sundays when the shelter is closed.

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Day Thirteen of practice Challenge. Can play nearly all of Book 1 but my music reading skills are abysmal (I'm going to keep blaming bass clef and the fact that i really haven't invested any quality time in the 'notes' - just peek for fingering assistance occasionally. Started trying out a little position changing last night (wow, THAT sounds wrong) and as i keep consolidating basic skills I should improve that reasonably quickly. Now, if only i could get some Pachelbel music to drop magically from the sky - I found Suzuki vol 1 and 2 for cello in an op shop for $2 each, so thus far this enterprise has been pretty economical! breakfast then getting dressed then practice, i think.
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You may find yourself easily taken from your path of thinking today and find you are completely off track before you even realise it. So if you want to make the day positive and successful be aware of this and do whatever you can to stay focussed. The evening however is a different story and an impulsive if not, reckless energy takes hold. Great if you're single and out and about with friends but it could spell disaster if you are attached.

Yep...only 11.17 am and I'm already drifting...but I have worked out how to use coffee machine and it is definitely the way to some kind of bliss.... albeit a slightly jittery one. And really must hang out washing. This is Day... six of my challenge and I tried out Etude last night. As long as I have the discipline to play all my pieces every day I think Book One will be within grasp by end of March. Am now writing list of tasks to do today. itunes is so slooooooow! Still, much better than stupid fricking sanity kiosk with defunct touch-screen. Gee, i love tech that makes life harder than it already has to be.
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Day three and I can play Perpetual Motion without thinking about EVERY note and kind of get through Rigadoon (well, I've only heard it about five times, so that's ok). I'm sure it will be better tomorrow.

You should be careful how you broach things with a loved one (probably a child or sibling) this morning. If you don't approach things diplomatically you could find yourself in the midst of turmoil before you've even started the day properly! In fact, it might be in everyone's best interest if you don't say anything! You are actually better off in the company of good friends tonight rather than just being with your loved one.

Yes and yes. Answering someone's "Oops, I think I've parked you in" with a low growl and slamming keys is NOT the best start to the day. The best end is NOT coming home to a loved one who pathetically and sick-ly says "I'd love ham steaks and mashed potatoes and vegies" and starting said dinner before discovering we don't have any potatoes. And there's one lone rubbery carrot (best left to the pug) in the fridge. So then the supermarket (where I HATE buying vegetables) must be visited, and THEN dinner can be cooked. And cello practice done. Did I mention it was a viewing day at ballet tonight and all my friday classes are VERY full?
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Right. Practice CHallenge. Two days and counting. And i can play Allegro and Perpetual Motion. And Long, long Ago.
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I have a cello!
And I can play Twinkles
Lightly Row (better when you know ALL fingers are spaced a semitone apart)
Song of the Wind
French Folk Song
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
(nearly) Long long ago.

With GREAT concentration.
And no finger tapes! Hooray for good ears.

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This is a time for the gaining of wisdom and knowledge, for contemplating what has gone and where you have achieved your objectives and where you did not. It is a time for quiet reflection in order to come to those understandings. There may be a rush of intuitive and creative energy in the afternoon that is expansive and highly creative and will help you in any partnership matter that needs handling in a different manner other than traditionally.

Ah ...yes.
Well, I've made a to do list. And I've crossed a few things off it already. One was composing an email to a parent whose daughter I've taught for four years. In that time the child's come up to a nice standard of playing, and she received a music scholarship to a private school on the strength of her playing. OK. That's cool. But now the parent (after having asked for a couple weeks to ease into the term) hasn't communicated with/contacted me about lessons AT ALL, other that to complain that a half-hour drive for a forty-five minute lesson and then a half-hour drive home was a HUGE chunk of time. Lady, you just don't get it. And sadly, I don't think less than an hour of travelling time EVER factored into my violin lessons. And (oh, HOW unfortunate), your daughter is at a level where she needs a skilled, focused and ABLE teacher. Don't trust her to any old moron (not that all teachers in schools are morons, but a LOT just amble along aimlessly, and I have heard horror stories about kids learning at this particular school. If she's LUCKY she might just emerge with the same set of skills she went in with). ARGH!!!! WHY do parents DO this???? (The other side of it all is, of course, having held her place for four weeks (and this is week five) while I have a WAITING LIST means I've cost myself money. How DUMB is that????
* * *
Overall it is a positive morning where the settlement of opposing factions should be easily accomplished. Some physical energy needs to be expended midday; work should be attended to before lunchtime. Much should be done to harmonise life today, as leisure, recreational pursuits and simply enjoying a long lunch are all favoured. But if you don't feel like socialising this aspect can also help you to give full expression to your creative side too.

AND I have a sewing machine now, (Janome; fancy stitching and changeable feet! woot woot! We love Nannas.) so fabric beware! My cello got delivered on Friday, but I wasn't home to take receipt of it (well, the email said MONDAY) so I've had to reorganise and reschedule to Tues. Which is a bastard, because I won't get to look at it until Thursday...but never mind. It will hardly kill me. Hideous and stupid teaching morning with lots of stopping and starting and have four classes to teach this afternoon because of a wedding. sigh. Would like SO much to got to the free MSO concert tonight, but weather is miserable and I think I will be out of my brain by the time I get home at 5.30 (optimistic) from Morno. Consolation: Ainzy-lu is booking tix to the Mikado and it's a Friday matinee...so I have to miss yoga for one week, but otherwise will be great.
* * *
Yes, dipping strawberries into chocolate and then putting them in my mouth is a deliriously happy way to pass an afternoon...even better when surrounded by good friends. AND I've just purchased myself a cello, which should drop into my possession tomorrow or Tuesday, and have decided I want to become at LEAST good enough to play Le Cygne on it. And Simple Gifts. AND I get to catch up with an old friend tomorrow...after ten -ish years. It's shaping up to be a pretty good week. Oh, AND I get to see formal wedding pics tomorrow night. happy happy me.
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I'm just struggling to understand people and I think the effort has broken my brain. Example: email from parent and reply.

"Good morning,
> Do you have a 4-5pm time slot available anywhere midweek?
> Thanks
> Lucy"

Ummm.....no. I'm teaching two afternoons (the others are all taken up with other work, it's not a lifestyle choice) and that is the time EVERYONE wants their lesson. Get in the (lengthy) queue.

my reply:
"Nope. I'm currently booked until 5.30 pm on Mondays and 6pm on Thursdays - and that's just students rolling over times from last year (or the year before). As I remarked to Michael last night: once I have a student in a spot, that seems to be it! I guess it is much easier to have violin be a constant thing. At present my Saturday looks like: (names changed here)

9-9.45 Maya

11.00 Sarah
11.30 Nadia
12.00 Kate
12.30 Alicia"

Read: I'm diplomatically telling you you're SILLY and since we've previously discussed my need to finish teaching at 1.30, your choice is as follows: 9.45 - 10.45 or 10.00 - 11.00 (which is when they came last year).

"We had better take the 12.30 -1.30 time slot then so that Reese is good to start Little Athletics in Sept.

Thanks, Lucy"

Um, NO. If you THOUGHT about the schedule (and yes, my fault for not spelling it out) everyone has a half-hour lesson. So Alicia's 12.30 lesson will conclude at 1pm. ARRRRRGH.
And no, it's not as simple as asking Alicia to move because she has swimming at 10.00. And I COULD maybe, perhaps move everyone half an hour earlier, except Sarah (well, her mother) will be coming from PHILLIP ISLAND for her lessons as of term 2, so that means asking Nadia to come an HOUR earlier and Kate specifically asked for the 12.00 (it's her time from last year). If anyone else can see a simple and fair-ish solution to this, TELL ME!!!!!!

Man, sometimes I just want to work a five-day nine-to-five. How is life over there on simple work-in-the-same-place, start (AND FINISH)-at-the-same-time Street? (I know, I know....the grass is always hydroponic on the other side.) I'm going to go to bed now. If you read any of this, I applaud you.
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